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The Brand That Sharpens Your Brand


When a company gets its brand strategy right and executes that strategy consistently, it will create an unbroken winning streak that can ultimately transform the business into a powerful brand.


Finding the right strategy is critical because no matter how well a company executes, it will not win if it has the wrong strategy.  Unbroken Branding is here to help you discover that right strategy quickly. 


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Unbroken Branding offers a wide range of brand strategy consulting services that are developed for ambitious companies still hungry for growth.  We also customize our solutions based on the company's needs because the one-size-fits-all model no longer fits your requirements today.




Unbroken Branding was founded to help companies develop the right brand strategy in the shortest time possible because with the world moving at Internet speeds, no company can afford to spend months on their strategy formulation work.  We work closely with you to do it fast and do it right.




Unbroken Branding is headquartered in Singapore.  Our clients are mainly Asian companies looking to become dominant brands within their chosen markets.  We would be happy to meet with you to learn what you want to achieve, where the gaps are, and see how we can help.


Mr Jacky Tai, the Principal Consultant of Unbroken Branding is a certified Practicing Management Consultant (PMC) accredited by the Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC).  This certification is recognised by SPRING which allows Singapore companies served by Unbroken Branding to apply for government grants to defray their investments in brand strategy development.  PMC no. 10191.  Valid to 30 April 2023.

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