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Case Studies


Developed By Us, Tested By Time

These are some of the clients that our principal consultant has personally served in the last 14 years. Many of these clients' branding journeys are published in our books as case studies if you would like to know more.  Or you can contact us for a conversation.  

ALLGARDE, AlphaPizza, Alstern Technologies, Auweld, APS Asset Management, Advanced, Amos, Biocomm, Chloride Batteries, Chemilink, Danovel, DeskRight, Deluge Fire & Safety, Enviro-Hub, Evershine, Evoluxe, Ellaziq, Eastern Navigation, Environmental Solutions, EU Holidays, F.EAST, Firmus Capital, FIVE X.P., Fong's Engineering, FOTO88, Frasers Centrepoint, Goldbell Engineering, Golden Bridge, Gardyon, Gategroup, Gaylin, GovTech, GreenHub, Guava Amenities, HSR, Hyphens Pharma, Hodaka Motoworld, Hart, Hi-Beau, Hitachi, IP Mirror, Jan & Elly, JCS-Echigo, Kansai Paint, Kheng Keng Auto, Kian Soon Hardware, KrackerKing, La Putri Jewellery, Lim Kim Hai Electric, Libra Group, Lignar, Lim Siang Huat, LHN, Mobile Gear, MSC Consulting, Multico Infraco, Marshal Systems, NTC Integration, Nanyang Polytechnic, National University of Singapore, Newton's Meter, NSL OilChem, Tai Sin Electric, Nu-Factor, Nu-Format, Oberthur Technologies, OrangeKloud, Oakwell Engineering, Panelogue, Precursor, PSC Corporation, PS Fasteners, Pan Asia Logistics, Plurotech, Redwood Interior, SmsDome, Salzworth Asset Management, Sanwah Construction, Seiko Wall, SecretKIY, SHINKOZO, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry, 720, Star Controls, Stolz, Starburst, SLS Bearings, Sprint-Cass, Swee Hong, Shao Fook Engineering, Tea Ideas, The FinLab, The Learning Lab, Thermal Limitec, TPM Outdoor Productions, Training Vision, TravelKreator, Trek 2000, Tunity Technologies, Vertex Ventures, Viking Offshore & Marine, V-STOP, Watch Water, Wickeg, World Metal, WWRC, Xcellink, XiD Technologies, Zheng Keng Construction, and many others.


Find The Right Strategy & The Brand Will Grow

Project Welder



This project was to re-brand a maker of welding equipment.  The company was operating under a brand that was generic and common in its industry which caused some level of brand confusion and hindered its growth.

The project involved creating a new name using the methodology outlined in our book Get A Name! and resulted in a short, unique and very memorable brand name for the client.  


We also created the Brand Position, Differentiation Strategy and Brand Message for the new brand.

The CEO reported that within 3 short years of implementing the new brand strategy, the company has seen the business grow by 1,500%.  The client also attributed 80% of the growth to the new strategy and the company's diligent execution of that strategy.

Project Detector


This project was for a fire and gas detection systems company.  The objective was to discover the brand strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of the company's various internal and external stakeholders.

The project started with the Brand Research phase to identify the brand strengths and weaknesses through a one-to-one interview with the relevant stakeholders of the company.

After analysing the data collected, we made recommended changes to the company's brand strategy.

Within a year of implementing the new strategy, the brand was acquired by a large listed company who paid close to 9X more than the average price for similar companies. The acquiring company cited that it was attracted by how our client branded itself.

Project Electric



This project was for a manufacturer of industrial power cables to determine how it can better differentiate what is essentially a highly-commoditised and practically invisible product so that the company can grow its business.

The project involved an analysis of 3 things: a) why do customers really buy from our client; b) how are competitors better; c) how the client can create a relevant and defensible differentiator.

The project revealed things about the client and its competitors that resulted in drastic changes to the strategy.

The CEO reported that within 2 years of implementing the new strategy, the business grew from just over $100M to close to $400M and attributed the growth mainly to the new strategy that allowed the brand to truly stand out.

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