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About Us


The Background Of Our Brand

Unbroken Branding was founded on the belief that The Next Big Thing must come from something small.  Statistically, all the big global brands today were not started by another big global brand.  They were all small companies to begin with.  Unbroken Branding was founded to help companies find the right brand strategy quickly so that they can have an unfair advantage over their competitors.  In this day and age, companies don't have time to undertake long-drawn strategy projects.  They need things to be done fast but done right. That is what we do.  In Unbroken Branding, clients get to work directly with the principal consultant.  We don't delegate the work to junior consultants. 


To create an unbroken winning streak, companies must get the twin elements of strategy and execution right.  They are both important, but strategy work must always come first. Imagine that there are 6 people in a boat and you are the captain.  The boat is leaking and taking on water.  What do you do?  If your strategy is to get everyone to scoop the water out, then no matter how well you scoop the water, the boat will sink because the hole is still there.  The strategy is flawed.  However, if you get 3 people to scoop water and 3 to find and plug the hole, and execute this strategy well, you have a better chance of saving the boat. This is why we focus so much time and effort on getting the strategy right for you.


Why We Do The Things That We Do

Founder: Jacky Tai


When Jacky Tai was studying marketing at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, he started a company to research, develop and sell directories of companies that offer various work-at-home programs.  That venture taught him a lot about the importance of having a differentiated brand. 

Jacky believes that when a company has the right brand strategy and executes this strategy consistently, it will create an unbroken winning streak that will transform the business into a very powerful and dominant brand. 


It was this idea which had inspired him to name his firm Unbroken Strategy.  Prior to this, Jacky was the director of brand strategy at PwC Singapore after his former consulting firm, StrategiCom, was acquired by PwC in 2016.

Jacky is an accomplished author and a very sought-after speaker at branding conferences.  He is also a certified Practicing Management Consultant.

Jacky prefers to work with small-and-medium-sized companies because he gets to work with the owners directly and these companies see results much quicker from the branding exercise as they are usually nimbler and hungrier.




We believe the principles of branding are the same regardless of whether a company is B2B, B2C, O2O, bricks-and-mortar, online, hybrid, big or small. The same set of principles can be used by any company to transform their business into powerful brands.  We have served companies from various industries such as:

1.  Technology

2.  Financial Services

3.  Manufacturing & Engineering

4.  Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

5.  Property Development

6.  Retail & Distribution

7.  F&B

8.  E-commerce.

9.  Environment.

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